The CyAUD service is your stock take of your assets, procedures and your vulnerabilities. Through the cyber audit you will understand your baseline, and what risks are palatable and what are not.

Your cyber audit is your quickest route to detecting and correcting your critical vulnerabilities; you need to know your risk in order to make an informed decision about how you manage it.

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What's Involved?


Your Preparation

We provide you with resources and checklists to prepare for your audit, so that we can make the most of our time with you and give you the most holistic advice possible.



We give your business a physical and cyber audit, either on your premises or remotely. Our initial appointment takes between 60 and 90 minutes, with gaps in your cyber safety classified as Critical, Beneficial or Advisory.


Confidential Advice

We provide your assessment to you onsite, not taking any of your business' proprietary information with us. Our advice is provided with the benefit of legal privilege.

The Wise Law Cyber Consulting Difference
Your CyAUD paperwork is provided to you with the benefit of legal professional privilege.

Keep Us On Retainer

We will work with you over the course of 1 year, 3 years or 5 years to ensure your systems stay up to date and secure.

Our expert team of lawyers, strategists, cybersecurity personnel, and UN advisers will be your cyber ecologists, maintaining balance within your cyber ecosystem to protect your livelihood from internal and external threats.

COVID-19 Adjustments

The current pandemic has seen a dramatic increase in dependence on technology in order for our business to continue on.

It has also seen an increase in cyber attacks on businesses of all sites, with cyber criminals capitalising on the vulnerabilities of unprepared and unsecured businesses working remotely. Get cyber audited to protect your business during this time. 

Your Privacy is Paramount

The Wise Law Cyber Consulting operating policy is that we do not bring any electronics into your firm and we do not leave with any of your proprietary information.

We do not share any information shared with us as a result of our audit and explicitly do not hold onto any of your data or information. Your privacy is paramount.


You pay for the value of the service you receive, not the number of hours we spend delivering it. We've included some estimates below which show the cost of your CyAUD based on the size of your busienss, and thus the size and complexity of your audit.

Each retainer below provides access to the following, renewed each year of your retainer agreement:
- The Wise Law Cyber Consulting comprehensive cyber audit & paperwork
- Certificate of competence
- 20 hours of complimentary cyber assistance p/a (valued at $18,000)
- Access to the WiseLaw newsletter and resources
- 6-month check ups

No. Employees 1-year retainer 3-year retainer 5-year retainer
Sole trader$2,000$4,000$6,000
Less than 10$3,000$6,000$9,000
Less than 50$6,000$12,000$18,000
Less than 100$10,000$20,000$30,000

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