Legally protected cyber advice? Wise choice.


Legally Protected Cyber Advice

- The Wise Law Cyber Consulting difference -
Your Cyber Audit is conducted by lawyers, meaning your cybersecurity advice is protected by legal professional privilege. Read about the Capital One case to find out why this protection is so important for your business. 



Work with lawyers experienced in a wide range of cyberlaw and related practice areas, to mitigate your cyber risk and solve your legal issues.


Cyber Strategy

Work with specialists to assess your existing cybersecurity and establish solutions to improve the cyber-compliance of your business.


Cyber Education

Work with experts in the cyber field who will provide education for your employees through training, resources, and CPD seminars.


Our WisePrice approach ensures you pay for the value of the service, not for time increments or unnecessary extras


Partner with us for the servicing of your long-term cybersafety needs

Single Service

Find a CyLaw, CySec or CyEdu solution to a discreet need


Choose a business that cares about yours. See our principles and promises below, and find our profile on the Industry Capability Network.

How we work

We work our hours to suit demand and our personal lives. We appreciate that our clients are whole people, and accordingly bring our whole selves to WiseLaw.

When & where you need

We engage experts from around the world to suit your needs. Whether your are after legal advice, cybersecurity audits, or a CPD, we have the qualifications, tools and experience.


WiseLaw understands that as your organisation changes in scope and size, so do your cyber needs. We will accompany you to increase your cyber resilience for as long as you need.

Honesty & Integrity

WiseLaw recognises the importance of honesty and integrity in our engagements. We endeavour to facilitate the free and open flow of communication and trust with our clients.

Using tech without cybersecurity is like driving a car without a seatbelt and with no idea of its service history

- EJ Wise, Founder


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