An Australian Veteran-Owned Business, WiseLaw was established to build cyber resilience within your business and among the community.

How we work

We work our hours to suit demand and our personal lives. We appreciate that our clients are whole people, and accordingly bring our whole selves to WiseLaw.

When & where you need

We engage experts from around the world to suit your needs. Whether your are after legal advice, cybersecurity audits, or a CPD, we have the qualifications, tools and experience.


WiseLaw understands that as your organisation changes in scope and size, so do your cyber needs. We will accompany you to increase your cyber resilience for as long as you need.

Honesty & Integrity

WiseLaw recognises the importance of honesty and integrity in our engagements. We endeavour to facilitate the free and open flow of communication and trust with our clients.


"Begin with the end in mind"
Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, suggests "an outcome-oriented mindset in every activity," and this is a WiseLaw principle.


"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud"
Maya Angelou may not have been thinking of the 21st century notion of Cloud Computing when she said this, yet it encapsulates the WIseLaw principle of exceeding expectations.


Transparent, Timely, Trusted
WiseLaw is grateful to serve Australians, and ethically and honestly delivers excellent customised cyber solutions.                                  


WiseLaw commits itself to exercising fairness in all our dealings; exhibiting commitment to justice, the equal treatment of people, the acceptance of diversity, and open-mindedness.

The WisePrice

With the WisePrice method, you pay for the value of the service provided, not for every minute or hour. WisePrice means there is an equalising in the power relationship between client and firm. We recognise there is mutual benefit in longevity and trust, and equality in the relationship. A law firm is not a parasitic host - there needs to be a symbosis between the offering to the client and what the client needs.

EJ Wise

EJ is an internationally recognised cyberlaw expert.

Prior to establishing WISE, EJ spent 25 years working in the legal industry with the Australian Federal and State Governments and in private practice. She specialises in cyberlaw policy and advice, international humanitarian law, law of the sea, administrative law and criminal law. 

- Graduate Diploma, Defence Studies, UNSW
- MA, Policy & Strategy, UNSW
- LLM, Environmental Law, ANU
- Graduate Diploma, Legal Practice, College of Law & UTS
- Bachelor of Applied Science, University of Canberra

In September 2019, EJ was featured on an episode of the Beyond Billables Podcast: EJ Wise - Cyber Lawyer & Founder of WiseLaw. The Beyond Billables podcast is a program featuring the lives of great lawyers, understanding how they embrace change, take advantage of opportunity, and build original careers. Listen here.


WiseLaw was founded with a community focus, with the purpose of increasing cyber awareness, understanding and resilience.

Donating 50% of all profits

to the Victorian Aboriginal Legal service, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Environment Victoria and Environmental Justice Australia

Advocating for lawyers

through the advocating for the creation of an Australian union for lawyers and legal services, and through donating to the New Zealand Aotearoa Legal Workers' Union. 

Providing opportunities

for high school students to complete youth work experience, and to students with relevant skills through our internship program.

Caring for the environment

through undertaking to source renewable energy and products for the firm, and seeking new ways to contribute to a healthier environment.

want to join us?

Contact the WiseLaw team to find out about current employment, internship, and work experience opportunities.


6/8 Bromham Place
Richmond VIC 3121

ABN 262 5717 4774

Liability limited by a scheme approved under the Professional Standards Legislation

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