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We give you the edge. That differentiating factor - of secure cyber - with assurance, integrity and our guaranteed value based pricing - WisePrice.

WiseLaw is a product of cyber security excellence and the law. We don't always need a lawyer and we don't always need a cyber security or technology firm.  However increasingly as we rely upon technology to work and live cyber security is not an 'add on' feature but a necessity of life. 

2020 saw the world plunged into technology as a means of surviving the global pandemic. Many businesses came to grips with technology out of panic not strategy. Allowing WiseLaw to become your trusted adviser makes sense because with over 20 years military experience, including international collaboration on exchange with the USAF, tactical, operational and strategic experience, we deliver your competitive edge. 

Noting the recent developments for the US DoD and the requirements taking effect mid 2020 for all DoD contractors to have cyber security assurance this is the time to adopt enduring practices which will set you apart from your competitors who are treating cybersecurity in 2020 like they're living in the 1980s. 

We guarantee our work, we provide our services with the WisePrice assurance that you will not be billed by the minute or hour you will be billed according to our value pricing agreement which you can update or amend according to your priorities.


WiseLaw has built a team of legal professionals with diverse personal and professional backgrounds. With experts with such a rich of experiences, WiseLaw is ready to help you solve whatever legal problems come your organisation's way.

- Cybersecurity Legal Advice 
- Technology & Telecommunications
- Commercial Law & Contract Review
- Defence Contracting
- Intellectual Property
- Criminal Law
- International Law & International Humanitarian Law
- Military Law, Operations Law & Law of the Sea
- Privacy Law

The Wise Way...
We recently advised a start-up business on the impact of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act and the Privacy Act  on the product they were developing.

Privacy Impact Assessments
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WiseLaw will prepare your business with the necessary systems and certificates to meet client requirements. We provide military-grade cybersecurity audits to help you take a proactive approach to protecting the data and IP of your business and your clients.

- Entuption Preparedness
- CyAUDs & Cyber Security Assurance
- Information Security Advice & Assurance
- Communication Security Advice & Assurance
- Risk Assessment
- Incident Prevention & Response
- Information Governance

The Wise Way...
At WiseLaw, we reduce the length of your entuption - the time between intrusion into your systems and your discovery of the intruder's presence. 
Find out about our CyAUD services here and being securing the cybersafety of your business now.


WiseLaw provides comprehensive training packages to be delivered face-to-face or online, tailored to suit your business needs. Our attitude towards education is to create understanding, influence behaviour, and increase resilience.

- CPD Seminars
- Online Trainings & Webinars
- In-house Workshops
- Original resources

The Wise Way...
Explore our range of cyber resources, from an Incident Response Plan to a Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Report. Available for free here.


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