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Cyber (Cy) 

The field of cyber law is composed of distinct areas of traditional law.  

It combines the laws of technology, telecommunications, privacy & data, contract and international law.

Cyber law may also overlap and work within intellectual property law, criminal law, insurance law, administrative law, and constitutional law.

Technology Law


Telecommunications Law


Privacy & Data Law


Contract Law


International Law



WiseLaw provides:
💠 Legal advice on cyber and digital law matters  
💠 Contract review
💠 Cyber strategic and operational consultation
💠 Cyber audits, risk management and preparedness
💠 Cyber ethics, emerging technology/innovation
💠 Cyber education

💠 Cyber research
💠 Cyber policy

Based across Victoria and the ACT, our team are able to deliver Cyber Audits and risk assessments across Australia.

Depending on the size of your organisation and needs we assign between 1-10 team members.

We take care that you understand our purpose. Where there are gaps in your organisation which are leaving you vulnerable, we will make recommendations and - should you so instruct - implement them to increase your cyber resilience.

We take a lifecycle approach to your organisation's health and will recommend a smaller 'check up' in 6 to 12 months depending on your needs and size.

Our audits are completely customisable to your needs, assets, and team members. If you have an in -house cyber security or IT team we do not unnecessarily duplicate their skills, and we invite them into the CyAUD process. 

We tailor our CyED packages to suit your needs.

Our CyED packages range from large to small, in house, on site and off site and collaborative within subscription organisations, societies and institutions.

We produce comprehensive training packages which are able to be delivered face to face or modified for internet delivery.

Our attitude towards education is to create understanding, influence behaviour, and increase resilience.


WiseLaw conducts contact review, internal policy review, and cyber-related litigation matters. We also specialize across cyber and technology-based contracts, including: 

💠 3rd Party/Nth Party Risk;

💠 AI and Machine Learning;

💠 Cloud computing;

💠 Start-ups;

💠 Supply chains; 

💠 IoT; and

💠 Blockchain.


WiseLaw provides strategic & operational Cy consultation and Cy Education to law firms, medical practices, businesses and government organisations.

WiseLaw provides:
💠 Relevant and engaging CyED and Cy training
💠 Cy risk management
💠 Cy preparedness
💠 Incident/breach response plan
💠 Information governance
💠 Cy ethics
💠 Emerging technology & innovation
💠 Research and unique industry insights
💠 Cy international humanitarian law


Cy Audit


Cy Info/Education


Cy Consultation