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Read about WiseLaw's latest appearances in the media and cyber security industry.

WiseLaw is grateful to have had this article published around Australia including the WA Law Journal - The Brief, Law Society of the Northern Territory Journal - Balance, Lawyers' Weekly, and Legal Practice Intelligence.
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14 February 2019 - Principal EJ Wise contributed her perspectives with Lawyers Weekly on how modern legal practices must take steps to comply with legislative standards concerning cyber security. 
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2 September 2019 - Principal EJ Wise was featured on an episode of the Beyond Billables Podcast - entitled "EJ Wise - Cyber Lawyer & Founder of WiseLaw." EJ spoke of her 25 years working in the legal industry with the Australian Federal and State Governments and in private practice specialising in cyber law, policy, advice, international humanitarian law, law of the sea and criminal law.

The Beyond Billables Podcast is a program featuring the lives of great lawyers - Understanding how they embrace change, take advantage of opportunity, and build original careers.
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3 October 2019 - Principal EJ Wise speaks on the balancing or moral imperatives against business interests with LawyersWeekly. While it is essential that law firms, particularly boutiques, place emphasis on corporate social responsibility and the wellness needs of staff, such attitudes must be balanced against what is best for a flourishing business.
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19 December 2019 - Solicitor Jonathan Lim contributed his perspectives to the Australia China Business Council concerning China's new  "Cyber Security Regime" brought on by enactment of the Multi-Level Protection Scheme (MLPS) 2.0, Directive 3-5-2, and China's Cryptography Law. 
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19 December 2019 - Principal EJ Wise contributed her views with Lawyers Weekly, outlining the responsibility of small boutique law firms to embody and promote environmental advocacy.
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2020 Publications

Over 2020 WiseLaw aims to further its involvement and contributions across the cyber security and legal sectors. 

4 March 2020 - WiseLaw was featured in the Law Society NT journal "Balance", outlining the need for cyber insurance for law firm, and providing simple tips for law firms to boost their cyber resilience.

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Publications/Learning Resources

Pioneering Technology in Law & the Law of Technology

9 October 2019 - WiseLaw presented at the Australian cyberwarfare conference (CWAR) 2019, as part of the 2019 Australian Cyber Conference, speaking on the need for an international duty of care concerning the creation, sale and use of cyberweapons by states. Where the proliferation of cyberweapons crafted by state actors presents a compelling threat to the national critical infrastructure of states, responsibility and attribution would assist in bringing stability to the international order.
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1 November 2019 - As part of the the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor’s (INSLM) review of TOLA, WiseLaw contributed its views on the draft legislation and its relation to digital civil liberties.
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1 November 2019 - As part of the federal government's call for public contributions to Australia's 2020 Cyber Security Strategy, WiseLaw advanced how Australia can boost its cyber security posture across its space-based assets.
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WiseLaw is actively involved in contributing to public debate surrounding both cyberlaw and cyber security issues via consulting with independent experts in the creation of independent research articles and publication of consultative papers to the Australian government.

WiseLaw Podcast
-Get Wise-

Get Wise is a regular podcast organised by Principal - EJ Wise of the specialist cyberlaw firm WiseLaw. Join us as we discuss emerging trends within the cyber-security and legal landscapes, provide short snippets of advice on how you can boost your cyber resilience, examine current affairs, and delve into the niche aspects of cyber law.

If you have any suggestions, or wish to be featured on the show, please contact us.

Cyber Security Portfolio

With extensive experience across both the legal and cyber security landscape, our staff possesses the requisite knowledge, experience, and professional competence - in line with the Legal Professional Rules - to address our clients' needs.

The following Incident Response Plan (IRP) outlines the steps taken by organisations in responding to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack targeting their network infrastructure.
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The following Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Report responds to a fictional attack scenario by "The Lazarus Group" - providing a template for organisations to respond to a potential advanced persistent threat attack.
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In 2015, Principal EJ Wise contributed her expertise to the University of Adelaide's MOOC course on EdX, coveriing cyber security and cyber warfare.
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