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EJ reviewed an international contract for our company prior to us selling the intellectual property rights & cyber content on one of our popular computer games to overseas buyers.

Cannot recommend highly enough. Fast turnaround, plain english, fair pricing.  

Would certainly use again.

EJ assisted us with a complex matter involving multiple insurance policies, physical damage to premises, and duty of care failures.

Thank you EJ for putting the rainbow back into our cloud.

From the start, working with WiseLaw has been an excellent experience. They have provided friendly and empathetic support and really dove into the issue at hand and was quick to provide the next steps.

I highly recommend EJ and the team at Wise Law, particularly to any other businesses approaching their cyber security with a sense of trepidation.

EJ and Jonathan were terrific at putting our minds at ease while taking a really thorough look at our business and our cyber security. They also somehow managed to make the process entertaining!

We got a huge amount of value from their services, and can’t speak highly enough of their approach to the work and to the outcome for our business.